1. 1
    Comprehensive Assistance Support and Empowerment of vulnerable and orphaned children (USAID CASE -OVC)

    This project will assist 2521 orphans and vulnerable children affected or infected by HIV and AIDS within Samburu County.  Caritas Maralal will work to improve the well-being of the children by assisting them to gain access to social services such as health and nutrition, education, legal protection, psychosocial support and social protection.  Caritas will also work to improve their livelihood options through initiatives to strengthen their economic status.

  2. 2
    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion for Schools and Huruma Children’s Home.

    Caritas Maralal will work with 20 schools to address water, sanitation and hygiene problems through drilling and equipping of boreholes, construction of ventilation improved pit latrines, provision of sanitary towels, Installation of rain water harvesting systems and provision of water tanks.


  3. 3
    Shifting the Power

    This project has supported Caritas Maralal to join national and local organizations who aim to strengthen the role of local organisations in the humanitarian endeavor. Following this engagement, Caritas Maralal has improved its capacity to: respond to emergencies and to strengthen its roles in the local and international humanitarian networks. The organisation also has an elaborate feedback and complaints handling mechanism. Further, Caritas has contributed to legislative processes such as the formulation of a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policy and contribution to the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP2) in Samburu County.  The project phases out by March 2018.

  4. 4
    Enhancing Opportunities for Women Enterprises (EOWE).

    EOWE aims to boost the startup and development of women’s enterprises in Samburu County by increasing business and farming skills and access to inputs, productive assets, finance and markets. In 2017 Caritas Maralal worked with 23 women groups and will be working with an additional 27 Women groups in enterprise development and social transformation interventions in 2018.  Caritas will also influence and advocate for formulation and implementation of gender sensitive policies and plans.  The Organisation will also work with a Multi- Stakeholder platform to strengthen the newly formed association of business owners, Naitutum Business Network.

  5. 5
    Rural Initiative Participatory Agricultural Transformation (RIPAT) for Peace.

    RIPAT for peace is a unique and innovative project that drew on particular agricultural expertise developed in Tanzania to create a combined livelihood, a basket of options and peace building initiatives in Samburu County. The three year project is in the process of phasing out in the first quarter of 2018.  It was implemented in Baragoi, Marti ,  Amaya and Longewan.

  6. 6
    Emergency Response EA14-2017

    In 2017, Caritas Maralal supported 267 persons through food voucher grants worth 3,000 Kenya Shillings, The Project was supported by CAFOD and Caritas Kenya. In 2018, the project will facilitate access to health and nutrition services by providing immediate access to food for drought affected communities in Samburu County.

  7. 7
    Integrated Food Security Project (IFSP)

    IFSP aims to improve household food security and promote peace building and conflict resolution in Samburu East and Central Sub counties. Caritas Maralal has provided certified seeds to farmers and trained them on modern crop and livestock farming technologies. Farming activities have been complemented by water projects such as construction and de-silting of water pans and rehabilitation of boreholes. The project also supports environmental conservation through establishment of tree nurseries in Schools.  The three year project will phase out in 2018.

  8. 8
    Kenya Drought Response and Recovery Project

    Caritas Maralal will provide emergency relief and recovery services to extremely vulnerable families struggling with severe drought in Samburu County. 2500 households will be supported through equipping and drilling of boreholes in Barsaloi and Lodungokwe, rehabilitation of boreholes in Simale, Lenkima and Lomirok, provision of roof catchment facilities in 5 schools, distribution of drought tolerant crops, restocking and provision of livestock lifesaving nutritional feeds.

  9. 9

    Caritas Maralal, Caritas Isiolo and Caritas Marsabit, through this project will work to  improve access to portable water, management and application of hygiene knowledge and skills, improve access to food in the households in the target areas and promote peaceful co-existence among the drought- affected communities. The project activities will reach directly to 19.820 beneficiaries and indirectly to 87,525 beneficiaries in the target areas within a period of one year (12 Months).


    To promote transformative society where people enjoy their rights and co-exist harmoniously.


    A family united in Christ, transforming society.

    • We commit in ensuring that the catholic social teachings are adhered to.
    • We believe in the spirit of servant hood and volunteering.
    • We believe that every human being is created in the image of God and therefore is invaluable and worthy of respect. People do not lose their rights to be treated with respect because of disability, poverty, age, lack of success or race.
    • We believe in transparency and accountability.
    • We seek to uphold integrity in our work and service to others.
    • We are committed and sensitive to gender equity in service provision.
    • We endeavor to commit to high level of professionalism in our work.
    • We endeavor to promote and retain partnerships with equal rights and mutual accountability with organizations that share in our values.

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Kenya Aims for 15% forest cover by 2022. Today we contributed to the Government's efforts by planting 1000 tree seedlings in
Maralal mixed secondary school, Lorrok mixed secondary school ,Lkuroto primary school, The Irene School and Lokuto primary school.

Today is world water day, the theme is "nature for water" Let us all work to increase Kenya's forest cover from the Current 6-7% to 15% by 2022. The Government's aim is to plant 1,000,000 trees annually in each of the 47 counties nationwide... Samburu County , let's do this!!!

Yes we can....
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Planning for simulation scenarios in emergency response... ... See MoreSee Less

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CAFOD Humanitarian Capacity Building Unit (HCBU) is supporting Caritas Maralal, Caritas Marsabit, Caritas Isiolo, Caritas Homabay, Caritas Mombasa by building their capacity in preparing, planning and delivering effective humanitarian programmes. The process is informed by the vision that .... " Communities affected by disasters have access to faster, better quality assistance so as to save lives and reduce suffering"

The emergency simulation activity is taking place at Athi River- Lukenya Getaway.
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Caritas Christi urget nos... it is the love of Christ that urges us on. ... See MoreSee Less

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SATURDAY MARCH 17, 2018. The Samburu County government's department of Livestock in partnership with CARITAS Maralal is carrying out a livestock vaccination exercise across the county. The activity is being sponsored by CARITAS with the technical assistance being given by the Samburu county government's department of Livestock. Samburu county Governor HE Moses Lenolkulal accompanied by the Samburu county senator Hon Steve Lelegwe today joined the residents of the Lkuroto and NkejuEmuny villages at the Samburu central sub county in the vaccination drive. Governor Lenolkulal reaffirmed the county government's commitment to prudent livestock management measures through such initiatives as disease surveillance and control. A total of 300,000 goats and sheep are being targeted for vaccination this season across the Samburu central, North and East sub counties. Animal feeds were also supplied to livestock farmers.

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