Partner with Caritas Maralal to assist the communities we serve to realize their full potential.



  1. 1
    • Sponsor a Child in secondary School through Monthly contributions to their school fees.
    • Purchase a textbook for a primary or secondary school.
    • Support a school garden through donating seeds for planting.
    • Support a school garden through donating a chain link fence or barbed wire.
  2. 2
    2. Water , Sanitation and Hygiene
    • Donate sanitary towels to school going children
    • Donate water filters to communities who lack access to clean water
    • Donate hygiene kits to drought affected communities to help prevent drought related diseases
  3. 3
    3. Disaster Management
    • Partner with us to plant trees in Schools and Villages
    • Sponsor a radio programme at radio Mchungaji on environmental conservation
    • Participate in the World Day of Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Support a drought affected household through a food voucher of 30 USD Per Month
  4. 4
    4. Health , Nutrition and Gender
    • Support a gild child in a Rescue Centre
    • Support Orphans and families affected by HIV & AIDS through our Health and Nutrition programme