CARITAS Maralal is the social development arm of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal. The organization works with various donors, government agencies and people of good will to address the development needs of marginalized communities within Samburu County. CARITAS Maralal focuses on the following seven priority issues affecting its target groups:

  • Livelihood and Food Security
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Human Health and Nutrition
  • Justice and Peace
  • Enterprise Development -M4P Approach
  • Quality Education, Gender Equity, Child Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and


CARITAS Maralal has successfully reached out to approximately 150,000 project participants through various projects including Integrated Food Security Project; IFSP ; APHIA Project; Building Resilient Livelihoods Project and Signis Radio Project. CARITAS Maralal has witnessed the positive impacts of these Projects in the lives, hopes and dreams for a better future amongst Project beneficiaries. To ensure maximum benefits to the most needy and vulnerable, CARITAS Maralal at the Catholic Diocese of Maralal gives priority to the following categories of people: Women, Children under five, People living with HIV/AIDS, the youth, persons with disabilities and Community Stakeholders. CARITAS Maralal prioritizes these groups because they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of disasters and often suffer the most. CARITAS Maralal works with them to build their resilience offer them assistance during disasters and help them improve their livelihoods

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